“Give your child the best beginning”

Montessori Said:

The method recognizes that the mind of a child during the first six years of life is especially absorbent. Guided by universal developmental periods, children acquire order, controlled movement, spoken and written language, refinement of their senses, and mathematical thinking almost effortlessly. The method highlights the crucial importance of providing children with a rich and diverse learning environment suited to their natural needs and tendencies in order for them to develop to their highest potential during these critical years.

-From the Montessori Method by Maria Montessori

Our Junior Preschool Program serves 3 to 4 years old children.

Senior Preschool is for children ages 4 to 6 years old.

An extended day is offered to the Children’s House student who is at least four years old, has been in the environment for at least one year, and shows readiness to engage in and contribute to lengthier activities.  Small group projects, lesson extensions, and physical education enhance the curriculum.

Our Extended Day program allows children to work individually and in groups on deeper investigations in language, mathematics, science, geography, and history.  During the Extended Day year, children have greater opportunities to practice tasks that require stamina, concentration, and cognitive as well as physical skills.  Our children grow socially as they develop grace and courtesy through practicing lunch formalities and caring for their environment.

Principles of Children’s House:

Elective Program:

Special Programs:

When Children Go On To School:

Many parents wonder if Montessori preschool will adequately prepare their child for further education. After many years of teaching experience and parent feedback, we can firmly and resolutely say,

Yes, indeed it does!

As Maria Montessori observed, the patterns of inner direction and concentration stay with children as they go on to higher learning. This is one of the great gifts of Montessori early education. The joy of exploration and the inner satisfaction of completing challenging tasks set a positive attitude toward learning. Children with a Montessori foundation are confident in their ability to acquire knowledge, solve problems, and cope with new information and experiences. These form their blueprint for becoming a successful student in the years ahead.