“Give your child the best beginning”

Our Lower and Upper Elementary Program Continues to offer respect for the individual in a classroom designed to meet the needs of children from the ages of six through nine. It covers the traditional grades of first through third in a multi-sensory, multi-aged classroom. It’s from Grade 1 to Grade 6

The emphasis is on experience and exploration. Children in a Montessori classroom is rich with Montessori materials and resources. Students are moving from concrete understanding to abstract thinking in a peaceful, respectful environment where each child feels safe emotionally, physically and academically.

Classes begin at 8:00 AM with dismissal at 3:30 PM

Principles of Lower and Upper Elementary:


    1. Academics:
      • Mathematics
      • Language
      • Science and Health – Zoology and Biology
      • Filipino
      • Cultural
      • History
      • Geography
    2. Special Program:
      • Music Lessons (30 minutes to an hour  once a week)
      • Lunch Care
    3. Special Program:
      • French (native speaker)
      • Arts and Crafts
      • Yoga

Montessori Said:

The method recognizes that the mind of a child during the first six years of life is especially absorbent. Guided by universal developmental periods, children acquire order, controlled movement, spoken and written language, refinement of their senses, and mathematical thinking almost effortlessly. The method highlights the crucial importance of providing children with a rich and diverse learning environment suited to their natural needs and tendencies in order for them to develop to their highest potential during these critical years.