“From the moment I enrolled my child in ACMI, I already know that I made the right decision. For now, Allyzah is already a child any parent can be proud of. Though Allyzah has already been a wonderful God-given gift wrapped with good characters and abilities, ACMI helped us more to enhance these traits and talents. Through their good materials and best teachers, they have cultivated more qualities out of my child that promotes good moral values, skills, and attitudes.”
“Enrolling our daughter in ACMI was one of the best decisions we made. While academics remain the priority, ACMI also places a more balanced education by emphasizing equally on art and in extracurricular activities such as yoga, arts, French class, and dancing. Teachers involvement helped our daughter explore her talents and enrich her personality. The school makes it a priority to involve parents in the activities as well. The frequent involvement of parents in school activities makes the parents become an integral part of the child’s education and helps strengthen parent-child relationships. Lastly, seeing the dedicated teachers coaching and helping the kids with their studies and patiently tending to their needs make it so rewarding for parents like us because we know our kids are in good hands.”
“We have been at this school for 5 years. I have 2 kids enrolled in ACMI (Junior Preschool and Grade 2) and I am blessed and thankful that I have found ACMI knowing that my kids were receiving a terrific education in a safe, secure environment. This school is a great place to learn for those our young ones. The teachers are loving, caring and dedicated to the child’s education. They are teaching my children to be more responsible. I was amazed at the result of my kids while they are here. My children now are confident and showed eagerness in learning. The staff is kind, effective and caring for the kids. Nothing can beat the student ratio in ACMI were we really love. I encourage my friends and relatives to enroll their kids here. I have never regretted my decision to send my kids in this school.”
“I came looking for a good environment for my daughter when she turned one. I wanted to give her a good start.  We have been enrolled in some play centers in the city but still, I kept looking for another. A friend suggested ACMI and considering that it is not as far as the other centers she had been, we gave it a shot. It was hard for her on the first few weeks as she didn’t want to stay without me in the class, so I was given a chance to stepped inside until she gets comfortable with everybody. I was not really familiar with the concept of Montessori method but with that chance to stay with them, I was able to understand how learning is truly experienced with these young children. When I saw all those intriguing materials and witnessed the class in action with each kid engaging in purposeful activities, I was really amazed. I really see great progress in my daughter’s development now. I feel that she is far beyond the learnings of a typical three-year-old. I have seen vast improvements in her phonetics, language, numbers and even the littlest things like taking -off/putting on her shoes has impressed me. I am happy that as early as now, they are introduced to learn the aspect of independent living which I think traditional schools don’t have. It is really amazing to see how much our daughter has achieved. Now, I believe that the combination of Montessori teaching, great teachers and the ever supportive parents make ACMI an ideal place to nurture young minds.”
“We have been with ACMI for three years now and every day our daughter, Mischka, still doesn’t fail to amaze us on the many things she learned from school. Their guidance has helped her to explore the knowledge in language, math, science, and arts through the Montessori way. Through the years we observed how she grew to be an independent and confident girl. She also loves to help out her peers and look up eagerly to the older kid’s activity, aiming to one day achieve it. Additionally, we benefit a good two-way communication with the school. We are regularly updated on my daughter’s progress and they are also open on parent’s feedback and suggestion for improvement. We are happy that we grow with ACMI and they’re our partner for the early childhood development of our daughter. And we also hope that they will continue to strengthen their teaching in math and science. Thank you, ACMI.”
“Still fresh to me the time when I was in search for the best institution for my son. My first-born, nothing but just all the best for him. I can not compromise. I started his lessons and training right first at home, then I was in a serious need of a school that can carry on my mission for my son – making the best out of him, reach and develop his highest potential.
I did not fail: I found and tried ACMI and believe it or not, this school is simply amazing! I have practically watched him grow and develop his core values and skills. Jefferson Niño is only 4 but I am awed by the impressive enthusiasm he is got beyond his age.
For him, it’s an endless curiosity and attraction to academic and aptitude both at school and at home. He is naturally gifted and talented. He is like an exceptionally potent seed rightfully sowed in the prolific ground of ACMI where nurturing and holistic approach to education and skills training is like stimulating challenge to a child ready to grow and take off like my son.
I would always be grateful to you ACMI. You did not only take care of the trust I have put in you but kept building it even more through the awesome returns I have seen in my son way to go ACMI!”
“Choosing the right school for your kid is as difficult as applying for a job. There are so many schools available but you have to make sure you send her to the RIGHT one.
A school that will help your kid develop the skills needed yet at the same time, making sure that your kid is having fun while studying. Our daughter was also diagnosed with a developmental delay at an early age and I have to make sure that her school is ready to help a kid with special needs. I’m glad to say that we found all these in Abraham’s Children Montessori.
Raven, our little girl enjoys going to school every day! She kisses us goodbye even before her carpool arrives and she has never had a tantrum in school – a sign that she totally enjoys going to school! In just one year, she has improved a lot considering her developmental delay. They have molded Raven into a very curious little girl, hungry and eager to learn new things. It’s quite a joy every time she comes home bubbling with excitement, although she can’t verbalize it well yet we see the twinkle in her eyes that she’s had fun in school. We also love how ACMI teachers are in constant communication with us regarding her progress, very proactive in giving us reports – this gives us peace of mind that kids in ACMI are well taken care of.
Raven still needs more work but I’m very confident that ACMI will be with her every step of the way. Thank you, ACMI for everything that you do for Raven. We made the best decision choosing you.”
“Have my 2 kids (Angela-5 & Howie-just turned 4) & 1 niece (Jamela-8). Angela can make her own sentences and do so good in almost everything, it is just amazing! Howie can write all his numbers, letters and almost everything for his age. I can’t think of anything to teach him at his age actually he is doing simple addition and take away. It is so nice to read Jamela’s storybook of her plans in the future. She wrote it all by herself. Should have recommended this school to others if not for its distance. Thanks, ACMI!.”
“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. Thank you, Abraham’s Children Montessori. I’m a proud dad.”
“Abraham’s Children Montessori brings out the best of our little girl. We are a happy parent to a toddler who is learning the basic at a very early age. She knows how to communicate clearly and she developed her confidence thru school play and activities.”
“It’s always our desire, as parents, to give what’s best for our kids. Here at ACMI, we can say that they have done a great job in our daughter’s development. She’s been with ACMI since she was 2 years old. Our daughter is blessed to have been given the fun experience of learning at an early age.”
“As soon as my son got 3 yrs old I’ve been looking for a school that was best for him because we as parents make sure that our kids will receive the high quality of education starting from pre-school onwards… A friend of mine suggested that i should send my son at ACMI though I don’t have any idea the methods of a Montessori school yet I enrolled my son NN (Niño Nathan) so with that being said I can say that I am a proud & happy parent about what my son was learning from the beginning until now that he is a senior pre-school. Thanks to the Teacher and ACMI.”
“A perfect school, to begin with, the best decision I’ve made when I enrolled my daughter.. she was still 2 that time and now she’s 5. ACMI gave her the best foundation for learning.. from practical life to things I couldn’t imagine my daughter will know at a very young age. I’m very pleased hearing my daughter’s cheers that she had fun in school and at the same time learning at her own pace.. she is confident and can get along well with other children and I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks, ACMI”
“Education is one of the most important pillars that each of us individuals should have. Education not only substantial to our cognizance but also to attain and learn morals and skills. Our child needs to be taught on how to manage their self, understand the practical way life, appreciate it and knows the importance of God. And that’s how I see it from ACMI. The school shaped my young ones to be a distinct person who can accomplished things by themselves.
“Choosing a school was as easy as going by preference, the Montessori method; Deciding to stay is a process of experience and growth! Our son, David, has always been independent, but a cautious risk taker. We wanted a school that can help develop that. Now, whenever David is with us, he shows exponential growth in independence and logic.  He has improved on his ‘rationalizing’ too. His love for art is evident where building blocks are structured and synchronized. We love the fact that Abraham’s Children Montessori Inc. became a partner in molding our son to be organized and responsible little creature. We believe as stated in the Bible, (Genesis 1:26-27), that we are made in the image and likeness of God, and nothing is more important for us parents, than to see our kids live their purpose; to do the best they can to be good stewards of talents and glorify God, their Creator. Now, Abraham’s Children Montessori, Inc is David’s preferred school.”
“I have cousins who are currently enrolled in this school and I can see how the school has molded them in terms of self-confidence, independence, values, and character building through their activities and programs for the kids. If you’re looking for the best authentic montessori school in Cebu, this is it.